MIndictmendez? How Many More Indictments Coming? Comment Gallery

Menendez is among the top recipients of AIPAC and other pro-Israel lobbying support and has been one of the top supporters of US interventionism also in Latin America. As the indictments roll in, we are asking our readers to offer their commentary on this latest development. So far below is what has cone in. Drop your comments on Insta to @fightbackbetter or to editor@fightbackbetter.com .

One question I have is has anyone heard or have information as to whether Bob and Nadine have decided if they are going to share their attorneys or go separate – and if Nadine will ask for a separate trial?  That is the soap opera question.  And what does Junior think of Mom getting caught up in Dad’s mess?


“How dare you use our tax dollars to make us complicit in a Genocide..And when asked about it you shamelessly attempted
to justify the slaughter of innocent civilians..how much did AIPAC pay you for your soul ?? How do you sleep at night knowing you played a huge role in Genocide..make it better by calling for IMMEDIATE AND PERMANENT CEASEFIRE ON GAZA NOW”