Piscataway District Alters Student Photo to Remove Palestine Flag – Demand Answers @ Board Meeting 6/13 7:15 pm

We are looking for more details on this repressive act by Piscataway School board and for now urge all to attend the meeting and call out this travesty.

Please attend Board meeting at 1515 Stelton Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854, Thursday, 6/13 7:15pm

Editor’s note – it would seem that they also removed the two students holding the flag in the process!

FightBackBetter Writes Board and Admin on this Topic

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Subject: Racist Doctoring of Muslim Student Photo Condemned

Dear Piscataway School Board,

As the editor of I hereby condemn the racist doctoring of the Muslim student club photo – specifically the removal of the Palestine flag.  I understand that it was permitted for a pro-Israel teacher to actually advocate for Israel by adorning the Israel flag in the hallways.  That in itself is a misuse of her position and a misuse of that school’s administrative function to allow the school to be used to boost US policy of arming Israel.  That was far more influencing of the student body than for the Muslim students in the setting of a photo shoot and in the year book – to show the flag that represents the struggle to end genocide and the suffering of 100s of 1000s of Gazans.

I pulled this list of e-mail accounts and was impressed at the Black and Arab leadership of the school board if I can tell as much from the pictures.  That being said it is hard to imagine how Piscataway would make this racist decision to actually doctor the flag.

Were the students notified beforehand?  Was the faculty advisor?  Did the principal decide this?  Who made the decision?  Based upon what discussion with whom?

You have negated the identity of a significant student base – not only the Arab and Muslim students but all of those students who are humanitarian.

What racist decision making and racist influencers are we allowing our decisions to be manipulated by?

Board members need to find their voice and there needs to be accountability – the administrators or teachers need severe consequences for this racist act.

What are you going to do about it!

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Bob Witanek

Editor FightBackBetter.