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Would Tom Moran Be Considered Anti-Semitic Under Law Being Proposed by NJ Democrats?

Read Tom Moran’s editorial calling for halting US arms to Israel:

I am using Tom Moran’s editorial as an example to point out the absurdity of what Democrats are trying to do in NJ.  They are attempting to impose a legal framework where disloyalty to Israel can be defined as anti-Semitism.  NJ fought back this past Monday, March 18 – the same date as Tom’s editorial and we were able to prevent the measure from moving forward in the NJ Senate.

However Tom Moran has just announced a position calling for cutting off US arms to Israel. There are those out there who would consider that position to be anti-Semitic .  There is an idea is that Israel must always be supported first and foremost and to some – not to do so is anti-Semitic.  So Israel’s right to exist – which depends upon endless US military and economic support – can not be questioned and thus the endless military support for Israel can not be questioned lest you can be accused of Anti Semitism.  The laws that the NJ Democratic Party are attempting to create would make questioning Israel’s right to exist as part of the definition of anti-Semitism.  Certainly the Israeli lobbyists make the argument that they need the weapons for Israel to exist so pro-Israel position would be that questioning the aid is anti-Semitic.

I urge our NJ Senate and NJ Assembly – and our NJ Governor – all under Democrat full control – to back away from a law that might be stretched to accusing one of NJ’s most famous of the opinionated Tom Moran falsely as anti-Semitic because he has answered the call to HUMANITY!

These are the same Democrats which warn us about the other Republican Party that is also supporting genocide in Gaza, the Republicans and their horrendous propensity of banning books and controlling curriculum – can’t say gay, can’t say race – well here in NJ they are proffering similar policy except it’s ‘can’t say genocide’ and ‘can’t say Palestine.’

Bottom line though – we are going to say it anyway and it will discredit the accusation unfortunately in true cases of anti-Semitism after it has been distorted to falsely label a political position – currently against genocide.  And for different reasons and different understandings of the situation I concur with Tom Moran’s position which is a clear case as to how to get in touch with your humanity – STOP US ARMS TO ISRAEL!

We all might be asked in the future – – what did you do in 2023 and 2024 for Palestine.  Did you do one thing for Palestine?  Won’t you do one thing for Palestine?  

LIKE TOM MORAN JUST DID!  Tom Moran can definitely claim that HE DID SOMETHING FOR GAZA IN 2023 AND 2024!

From the editorial:

There was a day, long ago, when Americans could defend unconditional support for Israel. It was David fighting Goliath, a democracy struggling to survive against long odds, while offering credible peace plans designed to pave the way for a Palestinian state.

But the war in Gaza has shown us a new Israel, a grotesque perversion of the original, now a Goliath itself, stomping on weaker Palestinians, cutting off food and medicine as it pounds one neighborhood after another into dust. All while expanding settlements on the West Bank and vowing to forever suffocate Palestinian hopes for their own state.