Sadaf Jaffer (Former NJ Asm) Joins 11th. for Cease Fire Session with Mikie Sherill’s Office (Calls for Us to Do Similar!)

This morning I joined a group of concerned constituents to meet with Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill’s office to discuss the need for a ceasefire especially in light of the carnage in Rafah where over 1 million people are sheltering. We asked the Congresswoman to vote “no” on sending more weapons to Israel when US provided weapons have contributed to the deaths of 13,000 children including Hind Rajab (6). Finally we asked for funding to UNRWA to be reinstated as children are tragically dying of hunger and thirst.

You can do this too. Create a local group. Call to schedule an appointment. Your reps are there to represent you. Feel free to reach out if you’d like advice on how to do this!

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