Urgent Legal Support Needed For Teaneck NJ Pro-Palestine Activists Improperly Arrested

Urgent Legal Support Needed For Teaneck NJ Pro-Palestine Activists Improperly Arrested

Two Pro-Palestine activists were assaulted and wrongfully arrested at a Teaneck town council meeting; they now urgently need your help to raise $9,000 for legal support.

On May 7, 2024, a regularly scheduled Teaneck NJ town council meeting was held, which drew in Pro-Palestine supporters and zionists. Since October 2023, Teaneck has been one of the primary flashpoints for the Palestine Liberation movement in New Jersey. These town council meetings function as a powder keg of anti-Arab racism, zionism, settler colonialism, and nepotistic local politics. 

During the May 7 town council meeting, the atmosphere was as usual with zionists from the town council and from the local populous trying to implement events and policies twinged with anti-Arab racism. Layla and Amanda, two Pro-Palestine activists who have been regulars at the town council meetings, attended the meeting to confront the zionism within Teaneck. As the meeting went on tensions rose between the zionist community and town council members over passing an Arab American History Month resolution. It was at this juncture that Layla and Amanda left the council chambers. As Layla was exiting the area she was followed by a police officer and was slammed to the ground without provocation or explanation. Layla was eventually able to get up and she and Amanda were able to leave the building. A short time later Amanda attempted to re-enter the building, but the two were suddenly arrested.

A video recording of this can be found at: 

Both activists were detained for several hours while the Teaneck PD tried to come up with charges for their trumped up arrests. Layla and Amanda are are now facing four separate charges, including one felony count each. 

Teaneck PD and the local Teaneck government has a long history of targeting pro-Palestine activists via state repression and with Layla and Amanda’s arrest its only getting worse. On top of the 4 counts they are facing the state is attempting to upgrade their charges to “make an example out of them” and squash the pro-Palestine movement in New Jersey.

Layla and Amanda NEED YOUR HELP!

Layla and Amanda are in the process of securing legal council to fight these charges but need support in doing so. Currently estimated legal costs to cover both of their cases fully is $9,000. Layla and Amanda need community support to help get quality legal representation fight and win their cases. 

All funds raised will go directly to Amanda and Layla’s legal costs. Any amount no matter how small makes a huge impact, even if it’s $5 or $10. To note, an additional $500 (making the total request $9,000) has been tacked onto the fundraising request to cover the host sites taxes and fees associated with donations and withdrawals. If any additional funds are raised past the needed amount, the funds will be donated directly to Palestinians in Gaza. Details to be posted if the amount raised surpasses the goal.

Together as a community we can help Layla and Amanda beat these charges so they can continue to do community work and fight for a free Palestine unencumbered.