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Tampa, FL: Demonstration Military Downtown Invasion Normalizing Armed Force Aginst US Civilians – as Politicians of Both Parties Argue in Favor of Militarized Response to Protests

These demonstrations are meant to exhibit to the public what will happen if they ever though about dissenting against the ruling class. But most of all its manipulation to conform to the war mindset by the idolization of our armed forces. Pro war people will never understand because all they see is the show of power and strength, but never see the costs of what war really brings. Only those who crave death and blood can experience real war and want more.which foreign force is going to invade Tampa? Walls don’t keep the bad guys out, They keep you in. comments from @TheNoLabelsPod on twitter.

Editor’s note. The media tells us not to be alarmed. This demonstration city invasion takes place in the context of the nationwide militarized crackdown against our children at the universities that say NO GENOCIDE! Politicians, pundits, billionaire CEOs are all shouting for an assault against our univeristies – the genocide is coming home and these types of events are normalizing and marketing the idea of military attacks on civilians within the confines of the USA – just like the US carries out against oppressed people all over the world. Below ABC does its fascist marketing of this fascist demonstration invasion.