Teaneck Residents Demand Transparency about Real estate event in local synagogue


Dear Township Attorney

It is imperative that we address a recent event related to the Council meeting of February 27th, 2024. During the Good and Welfare segment of the meeting, Teaneck resident Mr. Rich Siegel addressed the Council regarding an Israeli real estate sales event scheduled to take place at Keter Torah on March 10th. He claimed the land being put up for sale was in the West Bank and that all settlements in the occupied West Bank are deemed illegal by international law. He further stated this event was for attendance by the Jewish community only which directly violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964. For many of us who heard these claims are highly concerned.

Hence, we are asking you to counsel the Township on this matter and determine if this event and the subsequent transactions violate New Jersey real estate laws, Federal laws and regulations, and further, international laws.

The video of Mr. Siegel’s speech and assertions has since gone viral globally and we want to know if access to this event and purchase requirements are not discriminatory or illegal in any way. Several news outlets have picked up the news of Mr Siegel’s video and content and are asking the same questions – as referenced below:

Jewish man protests sale of West Bank settlement homes at Israeli event in US 


If the claims are substantiated, and it is indeed a fact that this type of event has happened in the past, we feel that this sale must be immediately shut down and rightful actions are taken to investigate why this event was allowed to continue. It is of concern to many residents that this transaction was not questioned in the past as it could be a huge blemish on the transparency and accountability of the Teaneck Council as well.

Many Teaneck residents want to know the truth. Please provide an immediate response to our inquiry regarding your findings. If you take no action and the event turns out to violate any laws, we will hold you accountable for failing to provide reasonable and prudent advice to the Township thereby allowing this event to occur in our town that may be illegal without any obstruction whatsoever.

We thoroughly support Councilwoman Denise Belcher who rightfully acted in the best interest of the residents of Teaneck in asking the town attorney to verify if the allegations made by Mr. Rich Siegel are factual.


Specifically, we would like you to answer the following questions before the sale event, with a listed date of Sunday, March 10th 2024.

1. Is this event in violation of any NJ State, Federal, and international laws and regulations that govern real estate sales?

2. Is it in violation of the NJ Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD), Fair Housing Act of 1968?

3. Should the township permit an event to be held that is advertised for attendance by one demographic or ethnic classification?

4. If this is indeed a private event, please confirm if the taxpayers incur any expenses for police coverage.

5. Are the developers and/or marketing companies in compliance with New Jersey State Laws and the Rules and Regulations of the NJ Real Estate Commission?

We hope to receive a public communication from you before the event on Sunday, March 10th 2024.

Concerned Teaneck Residents