Wall Township Dem Party Ballot Did Not Display Uncommitted

This is a picture of the machine ballot from the Monmouth County site. Uncommitted was supposed to be offered for an option for president. The Democratic Party primary voters of Wall Township were disenfranchised. It is very possible this could have been an error on their part or it could have been an intentional slight. The mail in ballot for Wall Township had the same flaw.

This matter should be investigated and there should be an explanation and a remedy provided. The Uncommitted ballot position was more of a communication device so there is no good remedy but there needs to be some accountability for this improper ballot offering by Wall Township NJ.

We will follow up with Wall Township and Monmouth County officials. Will update.

Complaint e-mail sent by this editor:

From: Bob Witanek
Sent: Jun 5, 2024 12:54 PM
To: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>
Subject: Wall Township Dem Ballot Improperly Omitted Uncommitted Option

Dear Clerk and Wall Township Mayor and Committee,

I have reported that your ballot for the Democratic Primary for Wall Township improperly omitted the Uncommitted Option.

I hereby call for an investigation and accountability.

While there is no good remedy – and the Uncommitted is not a true candidate so the damages done were more to the efficacy of the communication that the Uncommitted vote had intended.

There still needs to be an investigation and a determination of the cause.

Here is the report at our news site FightBackBetter which documents the facts about the omission, both on the machine and the mail in ballot.

Thank you for your attention.

Bob Witanek editor