Teaneck Council Pushing Smear Resolution – Attendance is Requested by Teaneck for Palestine, Tue, Apr 16, 7pm

Teaneck for Palestine

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Editors note: The resolution being proposed by the smear artists on the town council makes reference to ADL as its source.  ADL has recently discredited itself as a relevant source regarding civil rights with its CEO Jonathan Greenblatt’s recent statements on the Morning Joe show.  Recently he stated that wearing a kaffieyeh is equivalent to wearing a nazi armband – which was a hateful dog whistle call for violence against the Palestinian community and others who wear the Kaffiyeh as a show of solidarity with Palestinians and against US – Israeli genocide against the Palestinians.  Seem more about his harmful reference in the article embedded below.

This upcoming Tuesday, April 16th, Teaneck council will yet again be voting on a resolution that has no purpose other than to fan the flames of division and hatred in this Township. Councilwoman Orgen and Councilwoman Goldberg yet again aim to conflate Teaneck residents’ support for Palestine and condemnation of the genocidal state of israel with antisemitism. Similar to the tactics of the illegitimate state itself, the zionist members of this township’s council continue to weaponize false claims of antisemitism in order to justify their hateful agendas. Councilwoman Goldberg deemed it appropriate to name and shame Teaneck residents with their full names and photographs, putting them in direct harm’s way. This is deeply concerning as it was not simply posted to her personal social media page which she has dedicated to spreading zionist propaganda, but also to her official page as councilwoman.

This comes after councilwoman Orgen has already openly committed slander against residents, all for the same reason–their support for Palestine. Teaneck residents who have been vocal in their unequivocal support for the Palestinian people and their struggle for freedom have faced considerable threats and constant suppression of speech by this same council. Despite the onslaught of anti-Palestinian bigotry, these residents have remained steadfast because the fight is not about their own personal pain or discomfort.

Council members and zionist residents want the community to think that the pro-Palestine sentiment and movement is something outside of Teaneck, and that within Teaneck it is limited to a mere 3-4 individuals. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. They keep using the “outside agitator” trope because they do not want to reckon with the reality- that WITHIN Teaneck there are hundreds of folks ready to mobilize for Palestine. They can’t fathom this to be true in a town they claim as solely their own.

There is a direct connection between the doxxing, death threats, and community members who support Palestine keeping a low profile, including masking at protests out of concern for their safety and the safety of their children and that the need for community members to hide their identities as a matter of safety in a town filled with IOF trained killers is being cynically used to create the false image that locals don’t participate in the protests.

This antisemitism resolution that does not mention anti-Arab racism and anti-Muslim bigotry when we have experienced violent attacks and threats against Muslims right in Teaneck – in part as a result of Goldberg’s own incitement – is reflecting of the same contempt for the Arab and Muslim community of Teaneck that Goldberg showed with her 10/17 resolution, demonstrating that after six months of being the single most divisive person in Teaneck, she has learned absolutely nothing and seeks only to deepen the rift in the community.”

The goal of this resolution is for the Zionist town council to continue to codify movement suppression into Teaneck. Our movement, including the Jewish allies that stand with us, know that antisemitism is used as a catch all label to defend violent and racist zionism and Islamophobia. We can see through the false misnomers of this resolution and we are tracking the increasing repression for Palestine we are facing in our town.

A resolution against antisemitism in the context of town council official Hillary Goldberg doxxing local community members, former town council official Keith Kaplan posting himself wearing a kippah that says “Jews Can Shoot,” and these same town “leaders” showing up to our actions with only virulent racism shows the absolutely vile nature of this resolution, made to be misleading to our community. We must respond to any and all attempts for our local government to encode movement suppression into legal language. Join us in letting the town council know: anti Zionism is NOT antisemitism.