Christina Khalil, NJ Candidate for US Senate for Green Party Reflects on the Aggressive Scene in Teaneck with Israel Supporters and Police Intimidation

Christina Khalil was present for the Stop Zaka Lies protest on April 1 and she describes the chaotic scene where police allowed basically a pro-Israel mob to literally surround the protesters – several of the pro-Israel gang wielding truncheons and obviously looking for violence.  Here she reflects on the event and provides her feedback.

It was a stressful situation, I was so scared they were going to jump the protesters. The cops were just standing around one side. Down another street rapid response teams were gearing up. People were cheering on the genocide. A few people were walking around with batons, and the cops never told them to put it away. It was like people were expecting and hoping for it to turn violent. There were EMTs there as well. I was taking pictures but was nervous.

I couldn’t go into the protest without pushing through a lot of anti Palestinian protesters. I saw Hasidic jews with Palestinians standing their ground and being brave together and united. It was inspiring.

I want to stress it was a very heightened and a dangerous situation. I blame our elected officials (duopoly) and the blue gang (democrats). People in office as well as running. They are more focused on votes and repping their colors they don’t care about anything or anyone else.

It appeared to me, that many people were forced to attend the anti Palestinian side. There was a father. He didn’t look like he wanted to be there, and the kids were so young. There were many parents like him.

I’m starting to wonder if people are forced to come out to these anti Palestinian protests now? I do not believe every anti Palestinian protestor there is by choice or even anti Palestinian. I think they are scared of the consequences if they say “no”

There was a moment I hurt myself climbing, and the women on the anti Palestinian side were kind and checking in on me and telling me to rest to not move and not to worry. There are some extremists. One person on the anti Palestinian side was laughing saying it was like a block party. I don’t know if people really understand the gravity of the situation or what’s going on.

It is up to the people running for office and elected officials to bridge the gap of unity and to take lead in ending this genocide.

I do know this. It is up to the people running for office and elected officials to bridge the gap of unity and to take lead in ending this genocide. We cannot use the terms “bilateral ceasefire” while laughing in the protesters faces. We cannot use the term “ceasefire” while supporting Biden and Hillary. We cannot have progressive dems more focused on the color blue while ignoring the illegal land sales and Zaka lies. In order to be an effective and strong leader you must be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

What the duopoly, especially Dems in NJ are doing is playing both sides. They view it as a game for votes, money, and fame. Their games caused a genocide and is placing targets on innocent Jewish, Palestinians, and all people who support a ceasefire in NJ, and across the country. It’s time for a leader to step up and I’m that leader.

I’m the only candidate running to challenge the misinformation and I’ll always be on the frontline lines to protect all communities. The rest of them in office or running are compliant or silent, and staying silent is creating such a dangerous atmosphere in such events yesterday 3/31/2024 and today 4/1/2024 this rift will only expand and a violent clash will follow.

I offer this for all individuals who want this to stop. I encourage you to reach out. I will take the lead in starting unity in NJ. I promise your identities and information will be kept confidential until you choose to step forward. We must unite now to start the path forward.

I’m part of a Coalition of ceasefire candidates across the country. We are a mix of different political backgrounds, we do not allow the colors of our party to interfere with our beliefs towards humanity. We are a mix of Arabs, White, Jewish, Asian, Black, and Hispanic origins. We all are uplifting and supporting each other, It is the content of our characters that speak louder than any color of our party.
Christina Khalil
US Senate Candidate
“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”- Mark Twain

At the following event – details are coming in – pro-Palestine protesters seem surrounded by pro-Israel assembled and cops.

The event ended without violence and the counter protesters taunted the pro-Palestinian protesters as they left the scene.

Comments from a local resident:

“All we want is accountability for false claims that fueled genocide .. Nobody no entity should be above the law.. Zionists want the world to hold Palestinians accountable for wanting basic rights yet they can continuously commit crimes without consequence

Police allowed the Pro-Israel group to intimidate. Instead of keeping them on the opposite side they allowed them to surround Pro-Accountability Pro Humanity Pro Palestinian Protesters

Caging in just like Israel did in Gaza.

Our cause is a righteous one and we wont be intimidated”

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