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Is Lebanon War Biden’s Re-Election Strategy? STOP US – ISRAEL WAR ON LEBANON FOR GENOCIDE!


CNN reported on June 21 that Biden has reassured Israel that the US would support Israel in an all out war with Lebanon. 

This Editor of FightBackBetter news site strongly condemns this reckless disregard for the future of the planet.

It seems like Biden is playing its US War for Genocide cards as the Democratic Party re-election strategy for 2024.

It is true that his campaign prospects are abysmal so it seems desperation is the order of the day.  It is often an option for US presidents to raise the risk of war toward the end of a first presidential term with the idea that the undecideds would rather not upset stability in the middle of a tense situation or outright war.  Also it is a known tactic of fascists to divert attention to a purported foreign and or domestic enemy – both strategies are in motion by the Biden administration.

If addition to escalating tensions with Lebanon the US has also continued to escalate through its proxy Ukraine regime the threat of open warfare with Russia by approving use of US weapons for direct attacks on Russian territory.  Meanwhile the Democrats nationally as well as here in NJ are playing the fascist card of fingering an internal enemy by pushing laws that fraudulently conflate opposition to the US policy of arming Israel with “anti-Semitism”. This narrative and these laws are being used as a fraudulent pretext for a violent police and possibly military crackdown on opponents of US support for genocide.  The Democrats have both fascist cards on the table – building toward war with a purported foreign enemy and raising fraudulent fears of an enemy within. Meanwhile they try to scare people to vote for Biden with suggestions that Trump will implement fascism.  The fact is Biden is implementing fascism and Trump is promising fascism.

Lebanon and Hezbollah are not enemies of the citizens and residents of the United States of America.  On the issue of genocide, Hezbollah states that it will continue to keep military pressure on Israel as long as Israel continues the genocide in Gaza.  While the issue is more complicated than that, the fact that the US and Israel are carrying out genocide is the primary cause for the idea that there can be unlimited all out war between Lebanon and Israel – and thus the United States. 

It will be a US war for genocide if this war escalates.  Instead of giving Israel a green light for all out war with Lebanon, the USA should have warned Netanyahu that the USA and the rest of the world can not handle any more violence from Israel and that Israel needs to end the genocide and come to an accord with Lebanon.  That is what sanity demands but Biden apparently sees opportunity to try to shore up his flailing campaign and is willing to risk an all out Middle East War in the process.

Reports have been that Biden is in trouble in many battle states that he most definitely must win to keep the presidency.  There are many factors but a significant factor is that the Democrats can usually count on a decent majority margin of both Muslim American and Arab American voters but those sectors will not perform well for the Democrats in 2024 because of the genocide.  That is an unfixable fact at this point for the Biden campaign.  It is not only Arabs and Muslims either, Americans of every race, nationality, ethnicity are engaged in the struggle against genocide and are making it clear that they will not vote for genociders. Biden and most of the Democratic Party congressional and Senate candidates fall into that category.  To even think about using this dangerous escalation toward total war as a scheme for re-election is an impeachable offense though since both parties are hip locked to Israel – nobody will bring him up on such charges. 

All reports are making it clear that Hezbollah of Lebanon probably has significant capacity militarily to render much of Israel uninhabitable.  Israel and the US have been so used to all of the damages of wars and their military actions to be inflicted upon other soils – in the US case half way around the world.  However now it is pretty clear that will not be the result of such an all out war.  It is in nobody’s interest, not US interest – not Israel’s interest and not Lebanon’s interest for there to be all out war.

The people of this nation need to rise up now to to state loud and clear: