Problematic NJ School Districts Toward Palestine Realities

Below are just SOME of the examples of how school districts have played a role often in support of genocide by creating obstacles for exercise of speech and assembly rights of students, staff, board members and community in opposition to genocide and in the case of Livingston, the Superintendent is acting as a publicist for Israeli genocide the with Livingston tax payers picking up the tab for his volunteering of Livingston resources to the genocide campaign.

Please let us know of additional instances, e-mail Editor@FightBackBetter.com so we can provide a better list.  If you are targeted there are several groups that could be good sources of expert support including cair.nj , amp_newjersey, teachingwhilemuslim  and no doubt others.  

Meanwhile a two-day mobilization of statewide importance is announced in the first article in the list of articles provided below.  

What we are seeing more and more is that those who are in charge of the genocide operation – and this is especially true in the Livingston case – are having undo influence on public education to the point where elements of their genocide operation are seeping into NJ schools and this is dangerous not only to Palestinian, Muslim and Arab students but also students of every religion and ethnicity that understand that genocide is WRONG and that we believe is the overwhelming majority of the NJ student population.  

And we in the community need to defend our schools from any attempt to impose the genocidal policies the US and Israel are imposing upon Gaza – upon the NJ public schools.  We will not go down – not in Gaza and not in New Jersey public schools!