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Kim is a Genocider of Many Words – Just Not the Words “Permanent Cease FIre” – He is Another Menendez on Palestine and Israel!

KIm was recently confronted at Ridgewood, NJ meet and greet on Thursday, Feb 22.

His AIPAC funding means he is another Menendez and here you see him spinning words but saying nothing while he stays in lock step with the Biden – US – Israel genocidal operation. No to Kim, Menendez or Tammy – they are ALL GENOCIDERS!

He talks about how he has negotiations experience – that is not the role of a US Senator. He is trying to replace US Senator Menendez whose current role in the process is to be one of the ones putting bullets into the heads of the children and Kim is fully leveraging himself to fulfill that very same role. If he can not even say the WORDS “IMMEDIATE CEASE FIRE NOW” we know that he will continue to be just like Menendez – he will continue to pull the trigger.

From the description of the video:
“@andykimnj questioned by Palestinian activists at his meet & greet event , that why he hasn’t yet called for a ceasefire?!
He is nothing but words!
Be careful who you vote for… his interests are heavily AIPAC funded.
@repandykimnj what a shame!

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