Rowan SJP Organizational Recognition Rejected Due to Apparent Ignorance and Bias of the SGA’s “Club Development Committee”

The Editorial Board of is outraged by this unprofessionalism and bias shown by this committee disrespecting the free speech rights of Rowan studnets. To say that opposition to genocide is “too controversial” is not double think, it is a Orwellian Triple Axle think.

We are to believe it is controversial to condemn the slaughter of two mothers every hour, 6000 mothers in 4 months, the slaughter of 10K plus children, the destruction of every hospital, amputations on children being performed on children without anesthesia – the list can go on for pages.

What sort of arrogance does this power drunk committee think it possesses to suggest it is controversial to oppose genocide! We are urging all to contact the president of the SGA to demand a review of this decision and appropriate reprimand to those who would reject this student organization that opposes genocide.

All across NJ power drunk officials – even at the student level – are trying to say that it is not OK to say “Palestine” but our message to the Rowan Students – is SAY IT ANYWAY! YOU HAVE A MORAL IMPERATIVE TO CHALLENGE GENOCIDE AND THE SYTEM THAT PROPAGATES IT! I am sure that those in this group Rowan SGP will not be stopped by this foolish arrogant rejection.

From @RowanSJP statement:

“On February 5th, 2024, Rowan Students for Justice in Palestine presented in front of the SGA Club Development Committee, with the goal of taking the next step to becoming a chartered organization. After an unprofessional and indisputably biased questioning period, we were denied for being “too controversial”, despite the fact that we had met every requirement and expectation as outlined by the Student Government Associations governing documents. We believe the reasoning provided for the Club Development Committee’s denial of our application is wholly inadequate, and has more to do with the prejudices of the committee members rather than the actual viability of our organization. The racism and Islamophobia our executive board was subjected to at Monday’s meeting joins a long list of ways that Rowan University continues to fail its students of color, and is complicit in enabling rhetoric that endangers the Muslim and Arab community on campus.”

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