What Did NJ’s Editors and Journalists Do for Free Speech and Press On May 23 2024 While Freedom is on Trial Before Congressional Smear Committee

On May 23, 2024, Rutgers was called before a House Smear Committee much like the McCarthy-ite anti-communist smearing of yesteryear over false and exaggerated smears against the students and one faculty member in particular and the RUCSSR.  This was a major attack on free speech rights and thus also on free press rights.

This editor of has implored NJ’s journalists and editors with repeated calls to act to protect press freedom and with opportunities to bring out facts about the whole situation.  With a couple of exceptions on the reporting side and possibly one, Tom Moran, on the editorial side, there has not been much effort at all to protect – even your own press rights which are also compromised by the over all attack on free speech rights – based on the false conflation of loyalty to the nation of Israel vs. anti-Semitism.

Since February 2024 this editor almost weekly has sent links to our articles at FightBackBetter to 100s of NJ reporters and editors.  While a couple of written reports were assisted along the way – there has been mostly crickets as well as absolute silence on the free speech / free press issues – which a truly free press would champion.

If I am asking the question – what did you do for free press on May 23 – I too should be able to answer the question.  Here is what I did.

The headline at FightBackBetter this morning = this was published to support Sahar Aziz and Rutgers Students for Justice in Palestine during today’s smear committee hearings.

This early AM – I posted that link under evern posting I could find at the smear committee’s site on this topci in the last couple days.  My twitter account is 100% shadow banned – there is a possibility that the link could get through.  I got Sahar and Rutgers SJP and free speech in NJ including for the press back as best as possible using our news site for this defensive purpose.

So what did the rest of you do today?  What are you doing!  One thing for sure – you are ignoring the exterminationist doctrine of NJ’s pro-Israel leadership.

The question is – do we have a free press or is the press going to succumb to the gag order on anything Israel.  Right now the answer is not lookoin good.  At least FightBackBetter is here to uphold the fight for free speech and free press in NJ