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Rowan SJP Calls Out Platforming Smear Artist and Genocide Supporter Josh Gottheimer

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2/1/24 Statement on Rep. Gottheimer:
At a time when the movement in solidarity with Palestinian liberation is unprecedented in its support — and facing increased attack by representatives like Josh Gottheimer — the Rowan SJP reaffirms its unwavering support of the Palestinian cause for justice and liberation. We unequivocally condemn the baseless attacks made by Representative Gottheimer against Rutgers SJP and are deeply disappointed in @rowanippc decision to platform a known Zionist. His statements are made on a highly problematic definition of antisemitism that attempts to conflate criticism of the Israeli government or Zionism with anti-Jewish racism, which is as dangerous as it is baseless. Josh Gottheimer, like many other Zionists, is guilty of misappropriating the language of the oppressed in order to justify colonial violence. Many people of various faiths and backgrounds—including Jewish scholars, rabbis, and activists—have long criticized and opposed Zionism. For the Palestinian community, Zionism is the political ideology that has enabled their violent subjugation and systematic dispossession. People must be able to discuss and debate these issues without being falsely smeared as antisemites by politicians such as Josh Gottheimer.

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