Community Member Responds to False Smears of Peaceful Protest for Cease Fire in Jackson Township NJ

After the tremendously successful and peaceful protest against US support for Israel and the US / Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza attended by 100s, there are those in the Jackson Township areas spreading misinformation about the community members and supporters that attended the protest and organized it.  In the interest in fairness, accuracy and the truth, FightBackBetter is giving a community member that was part of the process to respond to the false smears.

Community Member Responds to Rumors and Smears Toward Peaceful Cease Fire Rally in Jackson Township. 

I would like to take this opportunity to clarify some things. There are misconceptions regarding the peaceful rally for a cease fire in Gaza which took place this past Sunday May 19. The idea that the location of the Memorial Garden was chosen due to any form of disrespect to veterans is wrong. The primary concern with all of our events is the safety of our participants and especially the safety of our children as we always strive for family friendly events. There are pro-Israel elements that are hostile, harassing, often pursuing antics that could lead to physical incidents at our events so we have to be ever mindful of safety and protecting our children and all participants.

As far as the removal of the flags from the site – the community that held the peaceful event had nothing to do with that decision and was not even aware of the decision. The authorities did that. If you have questions – check with the authorities.

The Mayor set the community organizers of the peaceful event up for that location.  He would not let the community organize at the town council building which was our first choice. This site was our only option,

Our primary issue was safety.  We had no idea that the pro-Israel leaders would organize dozens of  mock bombings with low flying planes over our group which included a few dozen children.  It seemed as if there was some sort of fantasy play going on pretending that we were being repeatedly slaughtered by these planes as the pro-Israel leaders cheered each time another mock bombing occurred.  So even though we picked what we thought was a safe site we were terrorized. Imagine if there had been a crash and harm to  our children! 

Interestingly with all of the concern expressed over made up stories about our community members reasons for picking the park location, there was little or no mention of our safety at all and everyone knows that the pro-Israel counter protesters literally had planes flying mock bombing missions over our group and possibly 8% of us were children.  Thanks for your concern but please understand that we are fully prepared to protect our children and all of our own.  Your silence over that concern is heard loud and clear.

We had nothing to do with the flags and we were threatened with terror with each lap of the pretend bomber planes.

I am sorry that many of you may believe that “those people” should go back to where they came from. We do live here!  Born here! Just  like anyone here. We are living among you, we are American citizens, mothers, daughters, sons, and fathers, many born here in America for generations. Many speak at Jackson town council meetings and board of education meetings, sharing the same concerns everyone here has: education budget, overdevelopment, ordinances, and more.

These community members organized a peaceful rally with many families including children to speak up because they have family members being killed in Palestine, unprovoked, caught in the cross fire. We, the American citizens, are paying for the weapons used to kill their families. YOUR TAX DOLLARS!  We are also paying for free healthcare and education for Israelis while we here are lacking health care and fully funded education,

The demonstrators were also calling for divestment of our taxpayer dollars from the foreign entity of our sister state business Israel Commission contract with the supporters and leaders responsible for wasting our taxpayer dollars. We want Jackson taxes to stay in Jackson and not for foreign nations to enjoy free reign killing on our dime.  And most importantly, we want peace for all innocent lives.  

Injustice for one is an injustice for all and the power of the people can not be defeated.

Thank you for understanding.