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PA US Sen. Fetterman (G – Genocrat) Threatens Violence on Movement Opposing US – Israel Genocide

I was recently suspended from X Twitter for 12 hours for referring to Fetterman as a Genocider. X considered it a violent threat which it was not. It was holding him accountable for HIS support for violence.

I take this tweet by Fetterman as a violent threat though – it is a violent threat against MILLIONS of Americans – possibly over a million Pennsylvanians – who oppose US – Israeli genocide.


Fetterman reference to opponents of genocide and supporters of a cease fire as “Hamas symptathizers” is clear pro-Israel dog whistle suggesting that HE is fine with violence and is actually tacitly CALLING for violence against our efforts to stop a genocide.

As I explain in an earlier op-ed linked below – when the pro-Israel crowd calls us Hamas they are stating right to our faces that they classify in their mind us with people they are committed to slaughtering by the 1000s and they are also tacitly calling for similar action against us.

While I was recently suspended on twitter for 12 hours for holding Fetterman accountable for HIS support for genocide – I was calling for AN END TO THE GENOCIDE when I referred to him as “Genocider Fetterman”.

And now it is HE who is TACITLY CALLING FOR MASSIVE VIOLENCE against MILLIONS of people in the US who OPPOSE genocide and are taking action to stop it – when he refers to us as Hamas Sympathizers while HE is supporting slaughter of Palestinian children by the 1000s with “Hamas” as pretext – he is stating his intentions toward us and Pennsylvania – tear off that band aid – Fetterman is no progressive – HE SUPPORTS GENOCIDE!