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NJ’s Democratic Party Attempt to Mandate Support for Israel Can Lead to Repression of NJ Anti War Protests

The laws that the NJ Democratic Party with support from their Republican friends in Trenton are trying to push through to criminalize opposition to the US – Israel genocide operation in Gaza will also make it illegal to oppose war in the state of NJ. It basically comes down to a mandate to support Israel – and that includes with weapons, with funding, with allegiance, with what we are and not allowed to say and with support for US commitment to wholesale war in the Middle East which is exactly where it all leads! This is indeed an attempt to mandate permanent war.

In every US war adventure – Israel is always a partner and in every Israel adventure the US is always a partner. They alternate between lead and follow or support roles. Israel is often along for US missions in Latin America and elsewhere – even in US’s war on its owns streets with provision of technology and police and military training. When Israel is taking the lead the US is providing weapons, technology, intelligence and funding. The idea you can not criticize Israel has in the past and will continue to be applied in the future against antiwar opinions.  In the 80s the ADL issued missives that our opposition to US war in Central America was anti-Semitic because Israel was training and arming the fascist regimes in Central America particularly in El Salvador and Guatemala.

If legislation which is being brought before NJ is passed -it will in effect mandate support for war in NJ. That result is particularly true for the escalation toward a total Middle East war that the US is escalating toward with the so called temporary US military port base in Gaza!

NJ Democrats are attempting to make it illegal to question Israel’s right to exist. Israel is 100% dependent upon USA for weapons provision and funding for its existence – or at least that is what the narrative has been used to justify the pouring of blood money toward Israel has been. Israel’s right to exist being mandated by NJ law can be used to attack and repress any movement toward direct US military intervention in support of genocide – which is what is shaping up right now. So as Middle East turmoil with US and Israel causing a great conflagration with a wholesale genocide in Gaza once again edges the world to the brink – we could face repression in a future NJ if we dare question the wisdom of total Middle East war because it will be conflated with anti-Semitism per this obviously fraudulent narrative the Democrats are indulging this week in Trenton.

The US wants an excuse to put significant armed forces near Gaza, near the Red Sea, near Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, Syria, near irregular militias that US puts in the category of Iran allied and Yemen and especially close to the Houthi of Yemen. The US is positioning toward taking offensive action against forces it perceives as supporting Palestinian people and opposing Israel, and that would include Houthi, Hezbollah and the so-called Iran backed groups among others.

So this edict that the Democrats that control NJ legislature and the Governor’s mansion is clearly also a weapon that can be waged not only against Palestine support specifically but more generally against any and all opposition to war – it is literally a law that authorizes the power of the state repressive apparatus, administratively, through policing and possibly even military action – against opponents – not only directly of US backed Israel genocide in Gaza but opposition to a wider US war for genocide in the Middle East – it will all be targeted under laws like the one Trenton is trying to pass.

As an advisement to the Democratic Party of NJ I am also pointing out that it seems the main strategy of the Democratic Party is to be anti-Trump and to point out the fascist tendencies of Trump and the milieu he continues to cultivate. That is definitely a real threat of fascism from that sector for sure – but so is this! What is so different between you can not say Gay or Race in Florida and now you might not be able to say Palestine or US – Israeli supported genocide – you will not be able to tell the truth in NJ – because they want to make it illegal and that in my view is an equal threat of fascism than what Trump is offering: The repression that the Democratic Party wields against the pro-Palestine anti-Genocide effort.