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Asbury Park City Administration Rude and Obnoxious Toward Community Activity – Threatened to Shut Down Run for Palestine

In response to an attempt of Palestine supporters to get together in Asbury Park for a 3 – 5 mile run, Asbury Park issued the depicted message – printed below to Asbury Park Nixle subscribers and posted on the Asbury Park Township website at this link (could be removed shortly).

The arbitrary threat to shut down an athletic event organized by community members is a total violation of the free speech, free assembly, free association and free expression rights of the would be athletic participants in this event.

Asbury Park actually threatened to shut this event down in advance. This is a threat of police action against runners!

There are numerous unofficial athletic events that are advertised in social media and that take place in Asbury Park, runners, swimmers, bike riders all sorts of events. Asbury Park does not threaten police attack on them.  No permit is required for a group of people to get together for an athletic event – indeed Asbury Park is supposed to be a place where physical exercise and togetherness is encouraged!

Apparently “Asbury Park has been made aware” of this event and by who? What influential group contacted the Asbury Park administration and sweated them to put this threatening arrogant and insulting remark on the Asbury Park website.

I publicly protest this attack on the community.

I am hearing that the event was canceled – I do not know this is the reason but safety concerns were cited in the cancellation notice.

If Asbury Park’s harmful statement on the official town website had ANYTHING to do with the cancellation – there must be accountability for the harmful action by the Asbury Park administration.

SHAME SHAME SHAME on Asbury Park which is supposed to be a mecca for inclusiveness and diversity – except if it is for victims of genocide who need to vent their sorrow and frustration of living in a nation that is sponsoring the total liquidation of their kin through a group run. This is genocide light where running while adorning colors is smeared in this way by a city administration!  

I urge people to send protest messages to Asbury Park Mayor John Moor:
Mobile Phone: 908-489-1887 (preferred method of contact)
Home Phone: 732-988-7915
Urge Mayor Moor to immediately take the smear off his city site – to send an apology and a nixel and new letter that there was no reason whatsoever to suggest that there could be danger or that people should avoid the group that is running.  The statement that the Asbury Park has no position on the issue is proven false because it informed the town that they should avoid association with the group which is to take a position and to cast a smearing aspersion against those who stand for Palestine – Asbury Park has spoken its position and Mayor Moor should clarify that!  He should also offer a few dates and waive the permit process for those dates – and in the future to just send him a text of a date and he can let the group know whether a permit is needed or an alternate location would work or whatever – will help accommodate.  That message has NOT been communicated in the City of Asbury Park, the possibly misperceived as Mecca of diversity.

Tweet to: @inAsburyParkNJ (just repost following):


City of Asbury Park: News
Posted on: March 15, 2024
Unpermitted Event in Asbury Park Sunday, March 17
Unpermitted Event in Asbury Park Sunday, March 17

The City of Asbury Park has been made aware that a group calling itself “Runners for Palestine” is advertising a planned event (3-mile run or 1-2 mile walk) on the City’s boardwalk for Sunday, March 17th at 12:00 noon, with participants directed to meet at the Carousel, despite the fact that no permits or other required approvals have been applied for or received from the City for this event.

This type of spontaneous occurrence may put the health, safety and welfare of the public at risk unless proper vetting is performed for police, fire, EMS and other safety issues.

The public is urged not to participate in this event due to safety concerns.

The City reserves the right to limit and/or shut down the event as needed to maintain public order.

The City of Asbury Park takes no position with regard to the ongoing conflict that is taking place in the Middle East. The within notice is simply being posted in furtherance of maintaining peace, order, safety and the rule of law in Asbury Park.

Thank you for your cooperation.