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Bye-Bye Tammy! Victory for Pro-Palestine NJ! Thank You Asian American Community Members!

Bye Bye Tammy!

Remember Happy Lunar New Year?

Asian American Community Members Confront Gov. & Tammy Murphy Over NJ Ties to Genocidal Israeli Regime and Lack of Support for Cease Fire

This was beginning of Tammy’s problems. She was confronted by skilled advocates, members of the Asian American community over her failure to express any true concern over the plight of the Palestinians being murdered by the 1000s and she refused to get her mouth around the words “cease fire” – two words she STILL had not learned as of the time she exited. Meanwhile, DH White Hot Murphy was also confronted at the same time over the Israel Bureau that facilitates billions in business relations between NJ and Israel’s genocide operations. Murphy refused to agree to shut down the NJ state’s direct link to genocide but he did offer pictures and nobody wanted any. That was the first of the troubles for Tammy’s campaign.

Both she and Kim – two clones of Menendez when it comes to Israel and genocide and any concern for the Palestinians – have been dogged by protesters – this editor one of them – over their support for genocide. And it is good riddance Tammy – keep moving – in case the door is swinging.

And lets double up on Kim now.

Perhaps Menendez – finally announcing he is not opting in on a Democrat Primary run with his umpteen indictments has the Genocrats worried that they could lose if he DOES run as an independent. There also is serious concern or should be that significant numbers of the Arab, Muslim and especially the Palestinian community are not going to vote for them AND the vast majority of NJ – DOES NOT SUPPORT GENOCIDE. People are turning on the democrats by the 1000s over this daily and we are educating them. NJ is not going to support genocrats in 2024.

There will likely be an uptick in the support for the Green Party over Palestine this year. Christina Khalil is running hard and making the rounds to show opposition to genocide. There are two Democratic Party contenders in the Democratic Primary, Lawrence Hamm and Patricia Campos-Medina also there to remind the rest of NJ that Kim is a supporter of continuing to arm Israel which could sour them on backing him should Kim prevail in the primary in June. All 3, Christina Khalil of the Green Party and Lawrence Hamm and Patricia Campos-Medina contending for the Democratic Party nomination have spoken for an immediate permanent cease fire, an end to arming Israel and a Free Palestine.


Coincidentally – two days before Tammy’s announcement, this past Friday (3/22) – students at Rutgers marched against Rutgers University ties to Tel Aviv University – directly tying Rutgers to genocide given the military role of universities. According to the materials from the Rutgers Endowment Justice Collective that organized the event: They were protesting against Rutgers’ partnership with Tel Aviv University (TAU) and the creation of the Helix Hub, “a collaboration between the University and NJ Governor Phil Murphy, currently in construction opposite the New Brunswick train station. The agreement commits New Jersey tax dollars to fund at least five future collaborative projects between Rutgers and Tel Aviv University researchers. TAU actively develops Israėli military philosophy and weaponry, with academics and students working in the university’s departments dedicated to strengthening Israėli military forces. TAU also illegally holds the bodies of 63 Palestinians killed by Israėli occupation forces. We won’t rest until they divest and terminate all partnerships with the Zionist entity.”

Our forces have not let up on the Murphy’s – she no doubt will have some good memories from of her campaign trail from us. While the real precise reason of her exit – is not currently truly known – we can probably consider that we had at least a partial role in making her campaign experience a little less fun!

Bye Bye Tammy and Don’t Worry Kim – we will continue to make it clear that we will not vote for any Genocrat!