Genocidal Chickens Coming Home to the USA to Roost – Violence and Lawfare Threats

We are collecting more of this information – lets track who is calling for our deaths and violence toward us. These are likely crimes of conspiracy to commit genocide or mass slaughter or some mass transgression as we see unfold every day. Please send the info to or if you know other ways to connect – that works.

NYC council woman calling for the “slaying” of college students – our children – and calling for “razing” the “schools and faculty” which means to completely destroy. She is literally calling for the slaughter of our children. The method of razing she does not mention but in Gaza Israel has destroyed every single campus mostly by massive bombardment – slaughter 100s of people – probably 1000s in the process of destroying the universities in Gaza! Meanwhile Tel Aviv University – connected to numerous US colleges – is used to funnel IDF agents and soldiers onto the campuses where there are documented cases that they have harassed Palestinian students and supporters. The Tel Aviv University connection is used to facilitate training and exchange of recruits between US intelligence and IDF intelligence.

Dershowitz it a douche for sure but he is platformed by media – which means that mainstream media is platforming fascists who are gaslighting and smearing our children on the campuses in preparation for fascist incursions. Here he is promising a lawfare attack on individual students who oppose genocide – he wants to take their dorm rooms, cars, boom boxes away from them and bankrupt anyone that does not like US support for the US – Israel genocide machine.