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No US Military (“Aid Port”) Base in Gaza!

Let’s be clear – the aid is just a cover story . . . what are the real reasons that the USA wants to establish a military presence in Gaza? Can you think of any?
Have an excuse to open up supply lines to keep the genocide operation supplied that Houthi have been trying to pinch? Would that be a reason?

The US will need protection for its port ops – so some sized fleet should be floating to the area soon!  The added muscle can also be on hand for partnering with Israel for attacks on Gaza (with Hamas as pretense) , Hezbollah? Alleged Iran allied forces in Iraq? Syria?  Intelligence operations to aid the genocidal marauders?  Tracking targets and providing coordinates?

Of course the USA created the need for the aid with its co-sponsorship of the ongoing genocidal operations.

What about Gaza’s natural gas – could the US be stepping in to broker Gaza’s gas in exchange for some subservient role of what US and Israel would hope to be hand picked lords over the dwindled remaining Gaza population that has not been wiped out or force marched (they have not figured out where yet) that they will sign fake deals (like the ones in Teaneck on Sunday) over the gas rights for meager aid and small sums of brokers willing to play the subservient role.


Commenter has responded:

Military Base? or to steal the Gas in $500 billion Gas Reserves? https://www.military.com/daily-news/2024/03/07/biden-will-announce-plan-temporary-port-gazas-coast-increase-flow-of-humanitarian-aid.html

I would say it is not an either / or  The us will run the port – so by def that is a base of operations – a military base – whether it be long or short but it is going to be longer than first prediction – i bet on that   It is not one or other – it also will be used for justification of naval presence – and that will be used to push the Houthi back.  The US presence can also make smoother the possible gas stealing operation you are referencing and another objective could be to keep in check any potential interlopers that might challenge the gas stealing operation.  These are two intermingled objectives – military positioning and resource theft and extraction – they often go hand in glove when the US goes to war!


This is such a scam. It will be used for the pillaging of Palestinian gas. Biden could force Israel to open Rafah’s opening. Just with one phone call he could force Satanyahoo to open the gates. Gaza can’t wait anymore they are starving. Now it is evident Biden wants to build a military base on the ruins of Gaza. Ms. Elain Scott commenting on Instagram.

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