Piscataway Cease Fire Call is Led by Moms 4 Change, Candidates Challenging for Township Leadership in Primaries

Moms 4 Change is a slate of candidates challenging in the Democratic Primaries for township leadership in Piscataway.  This press release appear their campaign website at this link.

A cease fire resolution has been proposed previously to Piscataway’s leadership in December 2023.

For immediate release: April 7, 2024
Piscataway, NJ – Today, Democratic Mayoral candidate Staci Berger and At-Large Council candidates Laura Leibowitz, Sarah Rashid and Viola Stone reiterated their commitment to a lasting ceasefire, immediate delivery of aid to families suffering in Gaza and a return of all hostages. The historic all-female slate, PwayMoms4Change, includes members of the Muslim, Jewish and Christian faiths working together for peace, democracy and humanity. All are members of the Piscataway Progressive Democratic Organization, which issued a similar statement in October 2023.

“We stand for an immediate, lasting ceasefire in Gaza, the immediate, unfettered delivery of humanitarian aid to those suffering in the area and the return of all hostages.” Our slate represents the variety of voices of faiths and ethnicities throughout Piscataway. We believe in justice, peace, equality and democracy for all in both Israel and Palestine. When elected, we will use the power of our office to adopt resolutions in support of peace and democracy in Palestine and Israel,” the Moms note in their platform. 

“We oppose antisemitism, Islamophobia and attempts to divide our community, and continue to condemn the 2019 Islamophobic flier issued by our opponents against Dr. Atif Nazir,” they said.  “Our community is made up of people from all backgrounds and we reject any attempt to fan the flames of hatred and division.”

The Moms said they believe people have the right to and should vote uncommitted in this Primary if they choose. “Primary elections are exactly where members of the Democratic Party should be able to express their views about issues and candidates. Voting is the best way people have to be heard,” they said.

They called on the incumbent Democratic Mayor and Council members to do the same, and to pass an official resolution at the next Township Council meeting on April 16, 2024.

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