Stefanik We Hear You: You Are Calling for Fascist US Violence and Murder Against Americans Opposed to Genocide

Stefanik just smeared opponents of genocide as “pro-Hamas terrorists.” It is beyond the pale. That is not a dog whistle – that is an orchestration of fascist violence against the protected free speech, free assembly, free association of Americans and residents of the US. She is legally culpable for the violence that will unfold based upon her reckless smear. There is no Hamas nothing in the movement against genocide – there is no connection to “terrorism” as she stated. She should be impeached, removed and indicted for this dangerous smear against millions of Americans who are opposed to genocide.

We have seen this for months now – not just with Stefanik but with the pro-Israel crowd in general. Any criticism or opposition to US support for genocide is considered “anti-Semitic”. “nazist” and “Hamas”.

When someone who is pro-Israel makes a reference to anyone as Hamas – what they are sneeringly saying is that they want us dead.

We hear you Stefanik! You want us dead! You want rubber bullets shot at our head! You want to unleash FBI against us and want to deploy the IDF right here in the USA to rid of our pesky opposition to your continued support and arming the US-Israel genocidal war machine.

We recognize you are beholden to the arms manufacturers and the pro-Israel lobby pumping into your campaign coffers and you are a hopeless voter for arming the genocidal war machine.

Nonetheless – we are not intimidated by your smear, innuendo and open call for violence!