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55K Raised by NJ Palestinian Organizations @ Dinner Benefit for Palestinian Children Orphaned by the US – Israeli Genocidal Operation – Help Sponsor Orphans – Add Your Trib!

User this link to add your donation.  Donate (

Successfully raised 55k in one night and this is how we did it‼️‼️ Like I said this is just the beginning. We just getting started ‼️‼️

Thank you @auccnj for this amazing event
Thank you @wadispeaks for your amazing work
#nj #charityevent #donationsappreciated
Alhamdullilah, first and foremost. Special thank you to @hcicanada @wadispeaks @wheelsofpalestine @auccnj all the amazing volunteers and donors for a another incredible event Mashallah. Stay tuned for more to come inshaAllah

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