Pax Christi and Allies Keeping Booker’s Office Pinned on Wednesday’s – Booker’s Not Home – #StopArmingIsrael

Yesterday, we went to @senbooker ‘s office again, but all the doors were locked. We tried calling, but no one answered the phone. We just want to know why he is using our tax money to send bombs to a genocide. This morning, we woke to news of the #flourmassacreingaza. North Gaza, where all the Christians are sheltering, is being starved. When people lined up for sacks of flour this morning, they were killed by the Israeli military. Their hunger and their desire to keep their families alive was used against them.

Meanwhile, in NJ, there are children and families who are going hungry and who are without permanent shelter. Why does $14 billion in weapons for a genocide sail through while money for programs that sustain life is voted down, mothballed, or never proposed at all?

The time for statements is long past @SenBooker. The children of Gaza are starving. You are feeding the war machine instead of the children.