Cease Fire Keep Walking! Victory in Weehawken! Ceaes Fire Measure Passes

🎉 Weehwaken Passes Ceasefire Resolution!

As the third township of Hudson County to pass a ceasefire resolution, the Weehawken City Council calls for an immediate and permanent ceasefire, humanitarian aid to Gaza, and release of Palestinian hostages.
The city calls on our representatives of the state, congress, and senate to take IMMEDIATE action!

@corybooker @senatormenendez @robmenendez4nj @joshgottheimerforcongress @tomkean @mikiesherrill @repandykimnj it’s time to step up! Take action now!

@cityofnewarknj you’re up next!

Also take note of the Walkin’ Weehawken event. Click on the picture to connect with the organizers of the cease fire and the Weehawken walk embed for more info about that activity this Sunday!