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Proposal: Explore Idea of Protests Targeting Philadelphia’s AgustaWestland Operation Contracted to Provide Israel With Helicopters

The information about this contract was provided by RAM INC that has mapped out facilities in the USA actively producing weapons for the US supported Israel genocide operation.

This is the link to the complete map:
This is the announcement by RAM INC on twitter:

The location of AgustaWestland could be optimal for a campaign with collaborative support from southern parts of NJ as well as the very strong Philadelphia effort opposing US – Israel genocide.  Our efforts are stretched but we are also growing in strength.  New initiatives can be assessed and plans proposed  to explore the potential for collective struggle.

FightBackBetter is floating the proposal for possibly targeting this site for protests.

AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corp, 3050 Red Lion Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19114

Philadelphia Corp is a part of a $29,238,432 contract to provide AW119Kx Koala helicopters for the state of Israel and its military. The contract was announced on April 1, 2022 and the work associated with this contract is estimated to be completed by June 2024.

Find more information about this contract at

North East Philadelphia, very close to 95 so accessible from NJ especially Southern Jersey.  If it were to be targeted – some analysis as to the objectives and staging area would be needed.  It might be a decent selection for protest.  Geno-copter provisions is definitely a key role in genocide! 

The preliminary steps would be:
1. Send this proposal to as many groups and invividuals especially in Southern NJ and in Philadelphia and its suburbs to see if there is any interest or capacity.  Hopefully that process would determine if there is any current effort or has there been in the past to target this facility for protest.  Looking at any history would be helpful.
2. Hopefully this above suggested step would identify 2 or more groups and several individuals that might be interested in participating in such an effort if it were moving forward.
3. If we get to the point of confirming productive interest we can see if we can take a look around the location to determine what a protest there might look like.
4. We can also begin to come up with objectives for such an event – the first such objective – is such a protest possible and is there interest of individuals and groups that can make it happen for at least one single protest there.

For now interested parties please contact .

Please help to circulate this message to the relevant potentially interested groups and individuals:

Dear Opponents of US / Israel Genocide,

Please see proposal to explore protests targeting a North East facility contracted to provide helicopters to the Israeli military – a key level of support for genocide at this link:

Please get back to me ASAP if you or your organization might be interested.