11th for Palestine Opposed Genociders Takeover of Livingston School and “11th for Change” (supposed) Ejects Member for Sharing Info About It!

Webster Lewin has in earnest attempted to raise issues about the US role and in particular the NJ Democratic Party role in support of Israel’s genocide against the Palestinian people that has already slaughtered 13K children including 1000s of babies, 7K mothers and about another 10K of victims in other categories.

11th for Palestine is a coalition of opponents of genocide and they have united with Teaching While Muslim and CAIR NJ opposing an attempt to takeover Livingston Schools by Zionist lobbyists – which is transpiring today, February 28. The Zionists have a full platform provided by Superintendent Matthew Block who recently went on an Israel sponsored propaganda trip to Israel.

Webster Lewin is attempting to support the efforts to stop the takeover of Livingston schools and the platforming of genocide supporters.

But genocide is not something the so-called 11th for Change wants to actually be changed – the group is censoring and suspending Webster Lewin’s membership – and as you can see in the picture – his efforts supporting 11th for Palestine is the very reason.

11th for Change is a group that is censoring dissent – in effect it is a genocide supporting Facebook group. salutes Webster Lewin’s efforts to support 11th For Palestine, Teaching While Muslim and CAIR-NJ by communicating to constituents where this outrage – Zionists taking over Livingston School District – is occurring!

We condemn so-called 11th for Change as shills for genocide.

A local grassroots activist who is a constituent of 11th. District makes the following commentary:
“NJ11th for Change is the opposite of its name. They tow the Democrat Party line and focus solely on electoral politics. They actively discourage working outside the political system. Key members of NJ11th are paid by the Democrat Party NJ. This includes Saily Avelenda.”

“If you are an organizer in NJ and want to make long lasting change, working outside the system through grassroots organizing and mutual aid is the most effective.”

And the truth right now is that the Democratic Party line is pro-genocide with regard to the issue of continuing to arm Israel and refusal to demand an immediate permanent cease fire.  Obviously it is supporting this semi-covert pro-genocide agenda encroachment upon the Livingston School District!

More on the Livingston School situation:

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