RU Jewish Group Anti-Zionist Minyan: Rutgers Hillel is Wrong About Divestment – Vote YES! – Updated

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This week, Rutgers undergraduates can stand against injustice by voting “YES” in the RUSA referendum for Rutgers to divest from Israel‘s human rights violations and terminate its partnership with Tel Aviv University.

In response, Hillel has spread misinformation & claims of antisemitism to block votes in favor.

The Zionist org claims that the BDS movement “does not advance social justice and peace in the Middle East.”

Source: Special report: Targum investigates U. endowment ahead of divestment referendum

If Rutgers divesting $8.6 mil+ from Israel’s main weapons manufacturers does not “advance peace,” then what is Hillel’s vision of peace other than the militant destruction of Palestinian lives? 

Hillel also cites AMCHA Initiative, a Zionist organization aimed to undermine BDS activities on campuses, to argue that, “BDS activism leads to a marked increase in antisemetic incidents…on campus.”

We, the Anti-Zionist Minyan (Jewish Group) at Rutgers University, are well aware of attempts to conflate genuine criticisms of Israel with antisemitism. These are not in efforts to protect Jewish people, but rather to censor dialogue about Israel’s colonial, apartheid, and genocidal policies. 

We fully support the BDS movement and urge the Rutgers community to vote in favor of divestment.

Hillel further claims the referendum goes “against academic freedom” and ”the free exchange of ideas.” But does Hillel actually care about these values?

According to their Standards of Partnership, “Hillel will not partner with, house, or host organizations, groups, or speakers” who “support boycott of, divestment from, or sanctions against the State of Israel.”  Hillel says that ending Rutgers’ partnership with TAU would “blacklist faculty and students because of nationality, political views, and ethnicity,” but they already do!

The Anti-Zionist Minyan at Rutgers University firmly rejects Zionist attempts to stifle dialogue about divestment, especially at a time where our University actively invests in genocide through its endowment. Vote yes to divest now!

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