Weekend Round Up – NJ Unified – Against Genocide! March 1 – 3

When we first published this piece – we said this – and since as of yesterday we have obtained video of the event – we are updating the round up – now it truly IS from March 1 – 3!
“I know I am missing the Union City Palestine Flag raising on 3/2 if anyone has that information, pictures, vids.”

SOMA Sunday Protest in Maplewood 03/03

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Weehawken Walk 03/03 from Insta Embeds:

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Wheels for Palestine – Teaneck – NO ILLEGAL SALE OF STOLEN LAND!

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Ben Franklin Bridge Shutdown 3/2

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South Jersey Holding it down in the rain 3/3

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Bloomfield – Running to the Rescue to Stop a Genocide – 3/3

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PSL NJ Played Lead Role in Mobilizing and Shutting it Down for Rafah on Saturday March 2.

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Remembering the Aaron Bushnell While Confronting the Genocide Profiteers
Video by River Scrounger Media

#kingofprussia #philly
On 3.1.24, a memorial protest was held outside of Lockheed Martin in King of Prussia, PA to honor Aaron Bushnell. The 25 year old airman who self-imm*lated outside the Isr*eli embassy in Washington DC last week stated that he no longer wanted to be complicit in the g*n0cide of P@lestinians. As one of the largest weapons manufacturers in the US, Lockheed Martin is not only complicit in but also actively profiting off of the m@ss m*rder, wounding, and displacement of P@lestinians.
#kingofprussia #philly