Rutgers Divestment Protests at Board of Governors Meeting from February 19, Actions Also @ Princeton and Montclair

This is Deja Vu Man! I did this back in the 80s! And we did win on the Divest of South Africa – but it was a different dynamic.
There were coordinated actions for divestment at Princeton and Montclair also. Pictures added below.
There is no minute in NJ right now when there are not 100s of efforts toward ending the genocide . . . stay strong everybody – the greatest challenges are ahead!
Something I used to say at the protests – this is how it ended:
In South Africa there is a rising tide
Soon the nazis shall be swept aside
Because the tensions mount
And the bricks a fly
With smoke and fire lighting up the sky
When the miners strike and the students march
And the ANC ignites the spark
They make the racist constitution
Fall to the Revolution
The university shall divest
If the administration knows whats best
The community shall contest
Our next move is ANYONE’s guess!
Like yesterday – stay strong!

Report from   @rutgersejc:
We attended todays Board of Governors meeting to demand that Rutgers immediately divest from Israeli settler-colonialism, apartheid and genocide.

Rutgers invests OUR tax and tuition dollars in companies such as Motorola, Amazon, and Lockheed Martin – all of which are directly profiting from the genocide of the Palestinian people.

We refuse to remain complicit, and demand that Rutgers DIVEST NOW!