Report: Kim Once Again Fumbles His Mouth on the Words Immediate Permanent Cease Fire – Can Not Even Answer if He Supports More Billions for Genocide! Feb 23 Report

From Jersey City, Friday February 23 and this is happening every where genocider Kim tries to sell his genocidal snake oil . . . nobody is buying!

From the Cease Fire Now NJ report:
On Friday, February 23rd, protestors asked U.S. Senate candidate Andy Kim whether he’d 1. Call for a permanent ceasefire and 2. If he plans to vote to approve $14 billion to aid in Israel’s genocide of Gaza. Here’s what happened.

While we await his and other votes from New Jersey members of Congress we know we’re on the side of those choosing politics over “the diplomatic process”. Nothing diplomatic about a genocide. #freepalestine🇵🇸 #njvotes #njdemocrats #election2024 #newjersey