Elbit – An Argument for Upping Our Game?

šŸšØ Elbit war criminal CEO: We were forced to shut down operations of an Elbit subsidiary in the U.S. Our profits decreased by 22% after the war on Gaza.

We are facing difficulties after some countries banned supplying weapons to ā€œisrael.ā€ Exports to & sales in the U.S. & Canada declined during the last quarter of last year.

Our profits decreased after closing factories in ā€œKiryat Shmonaā€ and ā€œSderot.ā€ Our production declined due to the drafting of 2,000 of our employees into the army and the killing of 5 workers.

Elbitā€˜s CEO said their supply chain disruptions are due to:

1) Maritime freight shipping issues (taking longer & more expensive)

2) Components for weapons systems are experiencing disruption globally & some vendors are choosing not to sell & work with Elbit

In other words: Yemenā€™s sea blockade and Palestine Actionā€™s international direct action campaign are tanking Elbitā€™s profits!

Elbit is not only ā€œisraelā€s largest weapons company, it is one of its largest companies overall. we must bring about the downfall of ā€œisraelā€ by targeting its supply chains and the economic machinery of imperialism – through direct action. #ShutElbitDown