Top 50 NJ Palestine Support Instagram Organizations / Resources

OK so first – I am not sure how many are in this list so it could be less than 50.

Secondly – I am not sure these are the top ones – but these are some of the good ones.

Thirdly – there are some very important ones on the list of those that should be on the list and publishing this will motivate to get some of them in there.

Fourthly  – use this form to add other groups and resources.  This is not so much for individual names but more groups and resources.

When you request to be added – there is a little manual work in the set up so it is not instant.

It is not a bad idea to add these accounts if they are not in your list already – it should give you a good browse of the updates.  We try to skim it as best as possible as news reports – in addition to from other sources – for the news site – so there is a forward facing view of our work – accessible to those outside of Instagram’s reach.