Rutgers New Brunswick Islamic Center Vandalized During Eid Al-Fitir

While this attack has not yet been directly linked to pro-Israel operations there have been concerted efforts by the pro-Israel advocates to smear Rutgers opponents of genocide. There has been investments made in an entrapment effort targeting students with invitations to sign “Thank you” cards to Hamas and a truck traveling through the campus smearing the opponents of genocide trying to connect them to Hamas. It is very possible that the hostile environment created by Rutgers pro-Israel constituency created the environment for this attack.

Evidence of it being related to the anti-Palestinian climate created by the pro-Israel camp is that the Palestine flag at the center was vandalized.

There was damage to art work, a television and materials were strewn about the center – watch vid below for details.

We are reaching out to advocates for quotes and awaiting word of a motive or more evidence to surface.

This Editor of condemns this attack in the strongest terms and calls for a full investigation including the questioning of elements on campus and that have been present on campus that participated in building hostile environment with smears toward students advocating for Palestine.