CUNY $4M Contract Outsourcing Security to Israeli Trained Goon Service – Modern Day High Tech Pinkertons! ARMED GOONS FOR HIRE OFF OUR CAMPUSES! No to Privatized Campus Fascism!

An insidious development that CUNY is expending $4 million in a contract just announced today. They hired an armed security firm to patrol, surveil and monitor student activism. The firm in its press release announcing the deal includes smearing statements against the student movement. This editor views this development ominously and fears lots of Kafkaesque results. CUNY’s bringing a private fascist army to the campuses needs to be roundly condemned, opposed, resisted and defeated.

The site on its recruitment page talks about sending its hired goons to Israel for training:

“In addition to years of practical field experience, our counter-surveillance experts have received formal training in Israel and the FBI training academy in Quantico, Virginia.”

The security firm is already attacking the students with the language of their press release:

“Amidst a surge of pro-Palestinian demonstrators converging on college campuses nationwide, seeking to occupy, vandalize, and disrupt university operations, local law enforcement agencies, notably the NYPD, are commendably asserting the imperative that campus life cannot be persistently disrupted by individuals flouting regulations and breaking the law. Intelligence indicates the infiltration of seasoned agitators deploying non-permissive asymmetrical guerrilla warfare tactics to actively resist, inflame crowds, and instigate violence and chaos.”

So not only this goon company is being hired as an armed tool of state repression – under private control of the university – they are playing a role in promoting smearing narrative toward the students.

We are only beginning this investigation – if you get more information or hear of this at other campuses as well – please write to