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I was drawn to College Avenue campus today as Editor and Chief of after hearing reports about a pro-Israel thug truck that was taunting and smearing Rutgers students with a fake Israel claim – the intent of the truck operation was to attempt to smear Rutgers students as being connected to Hamas.  This is the go to technique of Israel supporters who have a more difficult time explaining why 10s of 1000s of Palestinians are being intentionally starved to death and 100s killed every day by bombs, snipers, beatings, in every depraved way possible.  The go to one word argument of Israel defenders is to accuse everyone who questions the genocide as being Hamas supporters or dupes.  My intention was to report first hand on the truck appearance if it showed up today and to actually follow the truck in my car – clarifying and exposing the falsehood of the message they are trying to purvey through my sound system.  I was told by student organizers that the truck was rotating between campuses but there had been no reported sightings so far today (Wednesday, March 27)

offensive message hidden

However, the students in favor of YES to DIVEST were holding it down at two locations on College Avenue.  They were doing an outstanding job in encouraging the YES vote and I witnessed over 100 votes being completed today.  I also helped out talking to students at the bus stop with brief impromptu presentations, and sharing the QR code for  I personally convinced probably over a dozen to vote YES!

It seems there is a strong showing of support from a diverse cross section of Rutgers students from what I witnessed.  There is a strain of indifference as well.  But there were many who had not been involved in the struggle and they were expressing happiness to DO ONE THING FOR PALESTINE, their first thing – by VOTING YES TO DIVEST!

There was opposition as well – there was a group of apparently pro-Israel students who pretentiously were advertising that they just want to have a dialogue – except they went and complained to administration that led to the YES VOTE ADVOCATES to have to move their spot – so the dialogue they prefer is totally one sided obviously.  But the spot the YES TO DIVEST advocates moved to was even better since it placed them more in the midst of the students awaiting the buses who have a minute to pay attention – so they helped us in a way.

This is a tremendously important historic vote and the YES ADVOCATES are strong.  But there are resource rich Rutgers institutions like Hillel that are spreading disinformation and there are also smear operations the source of funding of such – like the thug that was on College Avenue a week ago and the thug truck with the smear message – is not clear.  It also should be questioned as to what connection Rutgers might have to the operations deploying the truck and the thug – direct or indirect.  But the fact that these resource rich entities are expending to attempt to undermine the democratic process determining a principled victory for Divestment from genocidal Israel shows the importance of the historic work.  Lets hope for some good luck to help out all the good work and deliver this victory!

One sad note – the fear of Rutgers students – most did not want to be in a photograph and the two that agreed hid their faces out of fear of retaliation – possibly from Rutgers Administration, Israeli intelligence which likely has presence at Rutgers at least through ICCAE,US intelligence and police and irregular thugs that support Israel and participate in operations against our efforts to end genocide.  All of the lies about what safe space we have for opinions in the USA that we have been taught since we are children are proven invalid!


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