Rutgers New Brunswick Palestine Day (Feb 14) Rally for Palestine at Brower Commons

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This Weds 2/14/24, an emergency protest against Isr*el’s attack on Rafah was held at Rutgers New Brunswick. Community rallied in the midst of “A Child’s View from G@za,” a heart-wrenching display of children’s drawings of their lives under Isr*eli bombardment.

Exhibit description via @jvpcentralnj :
“The pictures in the exhibit were drawn in art therapy classes by P@lestinian children who survived the 2009 bombardment of G@za during ‘Operation Cast Lead.’ The classes were designed to help children cope with the devastating psychological effects of the Isr*eli attacks that killed their relatives and friends and demolished their homes and schools.
‘A Child’s View from G@za’ is the fulfillment of a promise made to G@za’s children: to tell their stories, to show their drawings, and to make sure that they would not be forgotten.”


Editors note:

I participated in this event and distributed close to 100 fliers with the links for and in addition gave the QR link out to at least another 50 people who were scanning in on the phone. It was not the majority – but a significant portion were open to receiving our information of the passers by across the street and the students at the bus stop.

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