US Senate Candidate Christina Khalil Calls for a Halt to Illegal Land Sale

The properties of these sales were seized through illegal settlement activities. I ask @SenBooker and @SenatorMenendez to join me in supporting @CAIRNJ call for federal investigation. I join the call to stop the sale of stolen land in Teaneck on March 10. I encourage other Candidates to step up as well.

With an X / tweet reposting of a CAIR-NJ press release with the above statement, Green Party candidate for US Senate Christina Khalil has joined the growing calls for the cancellation of a real estate sale of “stolen land.”  The sale is being deemed illegal because the land being sold was illegally taken through illegal Israeli settlment activity.  The sale is being attempted this Sunday March 10 in Teaneck NJ – an attempt to sell Palestinian land that was illegally stolen by Israeli settlers in illegal settler operations in the West Bank. 

CAIR-NJ and other groups are spearheading an effort to cancel the sale.  They are calling for a federal investigation of the illegality of the sale.

From a press release issued by CAIR-NJ

The event, reportedly organized by “My Home in Israel,” a group based in Occupied Palestine, is set to occur on March 10 at a local synagogue.

Peaceful demonstrations organized by local organizing and interfaith groups are expected to occur to express opposition to the event. CAIR-NJ encourages any New Jersey residents who participate in such peaceful demonstrations to obey all laws and follow the directions of law enforcement.

In a statement, CAIR-NJ Communications Manager Dina Sayedahmed said:
“Houses of worship should be sacred spaces, and it is deeply concerning to see anyone use a house of worship to allegedly flout international law by selling off stolen land.
“Numerous resolutions, including UN Security Council resolutions in 1979, 1980, and 2016, and the prevailing international opinion hold that Israeli settlements in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights are a violation of international law. In fact, just days ago, the White House said that new Israeli settlements in Occupied Palestine are illegal and ‘inconsistent’ with international law.  “Teaneck’s Muslim and Jewish communities have both expressed concern with the sale taking place in their township. We call on federal authorities to act immediately and launch an investigation into this planned event.
In a statement, AMP-NJ Chairperson Wassim Kanaan said:
“We have been mobilizing our communities en masse to protest against a foreign group’s alleged illegal looting and selling of Palestinian territory.
“We’ve also written to and called the New Jersey Attorney General’s office.
“We are watching Israel commit genocide in Gaza and pillage Palestinians homes in the West Bank and Jerusalem. These are both stark violations of international law. Mayor Mike Pagan must condemn these horrors and federal investigators must act immediately to protect Teaneck from potentially taking part in Israel’s reported violations of international law.”

Teaneck resident Richard Siegel has also stated that the sale is illegal because it discriminates because the options to purchase the stolen land is only open to those of the Jewish faith.

The editorial board of also joins in the call for the cancellation of this illegal sale and urges folks to join the legal and peaceful protests occurring this Sunday in Teaneck NJ.

We have reached out to US Senate candidates Lawrence Hamm and Patricia Compos-Medina who are both opposing the genocide in Gaza to see their views on this sale.

You can view and repost candidate Khalil’s twitter posting here: