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Mondays with Mikie For A Free Palestine – Every Monday Starting March 11, Livingston NJ

This is an amazing expansion of the already strong reach of the Soma collective . . . the capacity of our movement against genocide in NJ is extends beyond the ability of the “powers that be” to keep looking the other way – it is NON STOP! Hopefully there can be lots of support forces and we can engage new participants for the ever expanding struggle – they can not run nor hide from our demands for justice! Ed.

soma_for_palestine :

Join NJ11th for Palestine for “Mondays with Mikie” to demand a Free Palestine.

🗓 Every Monday
🕛 12 noon to 1 PM

Demand an end to the occupation, call for a ceasefire now, stop funding Israel, and reinstate UNRWA funding.

@RepSherrill signed the discharge petition that would force a vote on the bill that would give billions in unconditional military aid to Israel

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