Patch Does Deep Dive on Free Speech Issues Including Palestine Related in Response to Green Party Press Release

In response to a press release from the Green Party of NJ that did a decent job of laying out a set of free speech concerns, Patch Publications has done us a service by doing a very deep dive into the complete set of issues including some covered by FightBackBetter. One such issue is the Livingston School District platforming of what we dubbed a pro-genocide rally using tax funded school resources to facilitate the pro-Israel event. The event ended up taking place on the eve of the bread and flour massacre of nearly 100 Palestinian children, women and men who were already starved and waiting on long lines for meager amounts of bread. This editor had suggested an investigation of the superintendent Block who had recently returned from an Israel and Israel lobby funded propaganda trip – to Israel along with a couple dozen pro-Israel state legislators. Coincidentally when I learned of the Patch article dropping today – I had just minutes earlier posted an article about how LIVINGSTON’S SUPERINTENDENT BLOCK JUST RESIGNED!

Regardless of the reason for his resignation – it is a VICTORY for all of the diverse forces that came together around the Livingston school district situation with the pro-genocide rally – that Block has resigned.

The Patch delves into many of the school district – student issues around pro-Palestine advocacy among students and what this editor would consider many cases of false accusations of anti-Semitism by school districts due to conflation of Israel and Judaism – a logic disconnect.

The article goes into detail also about attempts of the state legislature to impose an Israel conflation standard on the definition of anti-Semitism.

No need to restate what it says – here is the link or click pic. Below is some of the related coverage from FightBackBetter on related issues.