FBI Deploying Agents on Facebook Patrol – Rousting Pro-Palestine Commenters at Their Doorstep – Dont Talk . . . TO THE FBI!

As you can see – as we are reporting daily – repression of Pro-Palestine is on the rise on every front. Prepare – folks and be careful – watch the line. And DONT TALK TO THE FBI!

From Tweet:

WATCH: FBI visit the home of an American Muslim Woman’s home to question her about her pro-Palestine social media posts after they were flagged by


@facebook! What she did right: 1. Refuse to speak to them without a lawyer. 2. Refuse to let them in her house. 3. Record the interaction. What she did wrong: 1. Exit her house. Do not let them in your house if they do not have a warrant but do not exit your house either. You have the right never to speak to the FBI without a lawyer. If the FBI contact you contact us at for help.