Innuendo Threat Toward @fightbackbettr on Twitter

Well for me this is the epitome and it really makes one fed up with all of the false anti-Semitism baiting over the issue of opposition to arming Israel.

Not only do the pro-Israel true believers accuse everyone of being anti-Semitic that disagrees with Israel – THEY are spreading hatred and death threats every time they try to associate our viewpoint opposing genocide with “Hamas” – when they do that the meaning is – they are telling us that “You Are Deserving of Death.”

Now putting a twitter account on a “Hamas Lovers” list is the beginning of making a death squad list.

They are the ones with the hate, the racism and the threats yet the Democratic and Republican parties are using their hateful narrative to conveniently go after those of us opposing their support for genocide.

Buckle up and be careful – document and make a public record of threats like I am doing about this fascist twittter account so called @falafelandpita on Twitter.