ActionReports Editor Dances with Pallone, Gives Campaign Advice to Andy and Tammy Teams – Short Clips

This piece might likely be considered self serving aggrandizement. And before anyone says it – this is an advocacy news site so I am perfectly in my right to participate in the news and report the news at the same time. I make no pious (or false) claim of objectivity like all the rest of the media that is always washing the blood out of the laundry of the US backed Israel genociders.  More reporting of this event is on the way.

Dancing with Frank Pallone

Pallone @ MC Dem Conv-Trying to teach him 5 words: Immediate Unconditional Permanent Cease Fire
Pallone signed off on the $95 billion including $ for bombs for Israel’s genocidal slaughter operation – the so-called discharge petition. District 6 Palestinians are alone when it comes to Pallone.

Sharing Political Advice with the Kim and Tammy Teams

Trying to teach Kim/Tam’s teams 5 words: Immediate Unconditional Permanent Cease Fire
There was a group of maybe 30 Kim supporters and about 4 Tam supporters outside the Dem party convention in Middlesex County. I was trying to advise – I told them I would send Kim an invoice – their path to victory – learning the 5 words. We were out there for a couple of hours almost and the whole time I was trying to get any of the Kim or Tam supporters to EVEN SAY the word Palestine and nope!

I asked them – if we make it to 25 – the 2025 people are going to ask them what they did during the genocide of 23 and 24 and what will their answer be. They were good sports though – no arguments – they just tolerated me.