Lisa Davis Reporting from Protest Outside Essex Mayors No Biz As Usual During Genocide Event In West Orange, Apr 5

Protesting the annual breakfast for mayors of Essex County, NJ 4/5/24. All of the mayors of Essex County are pro Israel zionists who will do whatever AIPAC, the zionists want them to do. They are heavily under their control, and even though Essex County is the most “diverse county in New Jersey, and has several towns with Black mayors — not one town has passed a ceasefire resolution.

And it is EXTREMELY insensitive AND TONE DEAF to say the least to be laughing and eating while people ARE BEING STARVED TO DEATH BY IS-RA-HEIL and the U.S. And being that none of these towns have passed a ceasefire resolution you have to believe that they are flaunting their utter contempt for Palestine and its supporters!

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West Orange for Humanity Slide show:

The following are some of the messages of the billboard truck that appeared at this protest:

Join us as we remind the Essex County electeds that there is a genocide happening using our tax dollars and they have chosen to do nothing about it!!!
Let’s Demand Accountability for False Claims Fueling The Genocide in Gaza. Stand with Gaza, Stand for Truth.
Wilshire Grand Hotel
350 Pleasant Valley Way
West Orange, NJ

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Related: Garnet Hall representing part of Essex County including Newark is a primary sponsor of an Assembly resolution cheering on and supporting US – Israel genocide.