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The content comes in to us for now in raw form and it is formatted and contextualized. We are trying to get information to elaborate but we often just run with the descriptions and actions that we are linking to on Instagram. 

Once an article is posted and reviewed and re-edited – then the news site pumps the article out to 3 social network platforms, the Facebook page. the @FightBackBetter Instagram page and the @FightBackBettr (missing the e) twitter or now known as X site.

Once folks learn the work flow they can visit the Insta page to see if there are “any good ones” they want to tweet, and then hop to the twitter page and kick those ones out to their own twitter followers. Also those who prefer Facebook activity can routine check the Facebook page to see which of the latest news and action they want to push to their Facebook friends and followers.

So the 4 parts (fingers) work together cohesively, consolidating news and action from scattered sources into a single server with a structured menu categorizing the articles and data. And the data is published to four different formats for the preference of those who prefer to work one or the other and for those who are on a mission to publish their activities – they can work all 4 of the fingers and their actions will be the 5th finger – together in unity – striking information and organizing blows for Palestine! FREE PALESTINE!