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Interview Q’s for NorthJersey Editor Daniel Sforza About Israel – Anti-Semitism Conflation Attempt by NJ Democrats

Dear Mr. Sforza,

I am interviewing you about any concerns, if any, at NorthJersey.com about the Democrats attempt to link Israel to NJ’s definition of anti-Semitism. This is an on the record interview.

As editor of the advocacy news site FightBackBetter.com I see nefarious threats to press freedom in addition to free speech violations of this measure.

Do you believe in the conflation argument that Israel critique and opposition is Anti-Semitism?

Have you reviewed what the Democrats are proposing and is there any concern at NorthJersey.com of limits to press freedom should NJ create a legal framework suggesting critique of Israel is “anti-Semitism?”

Under such legislation have you thought about what you will do with protests of Israel policies? Will you just not cover the protests in deference to the false conflation with anti-Semitism?

Will you cover voices opposing Israel but always point out that according to state law their views are anti-Semitic?

Will you reinforce or challenge what we consider a smear of Israel critical voices?

Have you read the Tom Moran editorial? Do you believe Tom Moran is anti-Semitic?

Are you going to do anything as a leading NJ editor to challenge NJ Democrats attempt to make statements like Tom Moran’s editorial to be defined as anti-Semitic?

Is North Jersey going to opine on the matter in defense of free press – to oppose NJ Democrats efforts to conflate Israel opposition to anti-Semitism?

As leader of one of the prominent news sites in NJ are you concerned at all about the impact this attempt to impose this conflation of anti-Semitism and Israel opposition? Do you believe it is problematic?

Would you consider an op-ed at NorthJersey.com calling upon Democrats to reign in their attempt to conflate anti-Semitism with Israel criticism?

You might not have much chance to weigh in on the matter but you have a powerful voice that can protect our speech freedom, protect many good people from false smear as well as protect press freedom in this regard. Are you planning to use your voice accordingly?

Thank you,


Bob Witanek, Editor