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FightBackBetter is in Solidarity with the Protests Against Media Complicity in Genocide


Yesterday, March 14, several 100 were arrested in a massive protest of New York Times (“all of the news that fits their genocide agenda – they print”) – see description of the protest below. The message they carry applies to all of the US mainstream outlets like CNN, CBS, NBC, Fox – and also the New Jersey media outlets who are looking the other way while a nascent uprising develops in NJ – as fully reported at FightBackBetter.com and mostly ignored by NJ media.

Perhaps we need some protest at NJ media outlets as well and maybe they can ignore those protests too!

But the best protest for us in NJ is to help build the audience of FightBackBetter.com – March activity is up about 50% over February so the trend is already n motion.

FightBackBEtter.com makes it impossible for the media in NJ to make believe our efforts are non existent. It makes it impossible for them to parrot a pro-Israel narrative without our opportunity to respond.

An example of this is North Jersey recently reported on “Jewish Fear” expressed by pro-Israel Teaneck residents talking about fear of a protest against a sale of illegal land being carried out in Teaneck.

FightBackBetter.com was able to report – after that protest – that it is actually the pro-Israel community that took to twitter to publicly encourage violence and smear – even a call for death squads – against the protesters.

And last night at a protest in Iselin a pro-Israel man went charging toward a baby in a stroller and this editor stepped in front of him to stop him.

The threats are coming from the same constituency that claimed to be in fear in Teaneck over what turned out to be a completely peaceful protest.

Lets continue to protest the media complicity in the slaughter – and at the same time let us become our own media and support outlets like FightBackBetter.com which is pulling back the curtain from NJ media back turning to a genocide.

Indeed some of the best coverage of NJ’s pro-Palestine effort has been foreign media sources: Intercept, London Guardian and Mondoweiss.


STOP THE PRESSES! FREE PALESTINE! In solidarity with Gaza and in protest of the American war machine, protesters this morning staged the largest-ever demonstration against the New York Times. Over four hundred New Yorkers participated in coordinated actions across the city, interrupting the distribution of the Times’s paper at its College Point printing plant and occupying the lobby of its midtown headquarters during chairman A.G. Sulzberger’s annual “State of the Times”

“We are going on the offensive against the sacrosanct liberal notion that the Times coming out every morning is like the sun coming up,” one of the actionists blocking trucks from exiting the Queens distribution center told the local news outlet @hellgateny this morning. “We are trying to change the order of the day.”

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